Aura Reading In NYC: The Magic Jewelry Shop

Aura Reading In NYC: The Magic Jewelry Shop


Okay, hear me out...

Upon doing some research for "Unique Things To Do In NYC" while a friend was in town I came across an article about a small shop situated in the heart of Chinatown called, The Magic Jewelry Shop. Magic? I was intrigued. It turns out this is one of the few places in the city where you can get your aura captured by photo followed by a reading.

I arrived at the shop during a late Thursday morning. It was only a few minutes after opening and already three customers were being serviced. Two friends were getting their aura readings and from what I was able to overhear seemed stunned with what they were being told. For one woman, the reading had unveiled truths about things she had been facing in her life as of late. The other customer was inquiring about crystals and their healing powers.

We waited about 5-10 minutes before we had our turn. I was the first to go. I sat down on a chair tucked away in a corner. In front of me was an antique-looking camera. I placed my palms on hand sensors that were at each of my sides. I looked straight into the camera and smiled. That's it? I thought to myself.

I won't share exactly what my reading revealed but based on the variety of colors from my photo it turns out I was pretty well-balanced. One thing that was pointed out was my need for more rest. The reader suggested some crystals that are known to help with getting more rest and better sleep.

My reader was incredibly knowledgable about what each color represents and how it related to the seven chakras in our bodies. At first, I expected my reading to be vague. But, I was shocked by the information my reader shared and I have to say it gave me a sense of clarity in how I had been feeling. It made perfect sense.

It made me realize the importance of protecting and focusing my energy effectively towards the people and things that matter most.

If you are interested in an aura reading or want to check this place out simply for fun the details are here:

WHO: The Magic Jewelry Shop

WHAT: Take a photo and get a reading of your aura

WHEN: Sun-Sat 11:30-7pm, except Thursday until 6 pm only

WHERE: 283 Canal Street (but the entrance is actually around the corner at 108 Centre Street)

COST: $30

I highly suggest visiting closer to opening hours. This place is growing in popularity and based on reviews there is usually a long line to get in.