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On The / F /
A fashion and style blog created by New York City native Samantha Fernandez.


Latina. Mom. Lover Of All Things Style.

Magazines were my earliest introduction to fashion. I’d spend hours flipping through the beautiful glossy pages in awe of the latest fashion trends and supermodels. Often, I would go on to create mood boards out of the things, which resonated most with me. Finding and displaying images and phrases inspired me to consider what I wanted for my future.

I was raised in Brooklyn, prior to its gentrification, before moving to the now effortlessly cool Lower East Side. Although Brooklyn is only a borough away, what a difference just a few minutes of train travel made. The energy, landscape, and the people were all distinctively different and I took notice right away. 

Moving to the big city was possibly the best thing to have happened to me in terms of my career path. For it was in Manhattan, that the world of fashion slowly but surely began to expose itself to me. Since, I have been afforded the opportunity to intern and work for some of the top contemporary and luxury brands in the industry. Now, I am an International Account Executive for a women's apparel brand.

As a working mom life can get hectic. On The F represents my journey through all of the things I value most in life: fashion, faith, family and friends. The letter F also happens to be the initial of my last name, Fernandez. And yes, when I can’t seem to hail down a taxi, it is the bustling F subway line I take to get home. My ultimate goal is for anyone who stumbles across my site to feel inspired to live a beauti(full) life while they continue to press towards their greatest aspirations with style and a whole lot of grace.